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About Me

Miki Kiss Perani, C.Ht.

Miki Kiss Perani, C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Welcome to a transformative journey towards unlocking the innate healing potential of your mind, body, and spirit. As a seasoned hypnotherapist, I specialize in guiding individuals to achieve their personal improvement goals and discover fulfilling life paths through the therapeutic practices of hypnosis, imagery, and mindfulness.

My own journey began with a deep introspection into living my best life and realizing my full potential. With a background in the entertainment industry spanning two decades, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with diverse individuals from around the globe. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, I was adopted at a young age following the loss of my parents, leading to a life of travel, immersion in various cultures, and invaluable life lessons from first-generation American immigrants.

Despite financial constraints that temporarily halted my university studies, I embraced experiential learning, ultimately finding my calling in hypnotherapy. The genesis of Kiss Hypnosis emerged from personal struggles with disorientation and a lack of direction, leading me to explore the transformative power of hypnotherapy.

A pivotal moment came during a hypnosis class exercise, affirming the profound reality and potential of hypnosis in empowering individuals. This realization ignited a passion within me to master hypnotherapy techniques and make its benefits accessible to all.

Today, through Kiss Hypnotherapy, I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards profound mental well-being and unbridled joy. Join me as we embark on a journey towards realizing your fullest potential and living a life of purpose and fulfillment.